Damage Claim - Submission Process

PrixCar is committed to providing our customers with reliable and quality service. While every effort is made to safely transport your vehicle, there are incidents that occur from time to time. PrixCar is not automatically responsible for all incidents as a number of external factors can impact service delivery.

IMPORTANT – Please read the following information prior to completing our claim form.  In any claims process, a customer is required to support their loss.  Without complete and detailed information, we may be unable to process your claim.  Claims should be submitted within 14 days from the date of delivery.

Before submitting a claim please consider the following:

Damage that is not noted on the Vehicle Condition Report (VCR)/Epod at the time of delivery cannot be validated as being present. Damages that occur or can be referred to as occurring outside of the service period do not qualify for a damage claim.

The following points discuss some of the noted exclusions. 
Please read our terms and conditions for a complete understanding on limitations and exclusions on liability - Vehicle Services Conditions

Stone chips, unfortunate and as frustrating as they are, are a road hazard caused by loose stones over the road. A range of factors impact road conditions; for example, road maintenance, street sweeping, storms, and debris; none of which Move My Wheels can influence.

When vehicles are transported on an open trailer, stone chips are commonly caused by the stones being flicked up from vehicles passing in the opposite direction.

As environmental conditions and other road users cause these stone chips, and they are not caused by any act of Move My Wheels, Move My Wheels is not liable for these damages

Vehicle wear and tear is considered to be damage or deterioration resulting from normal use and exposure, not a result of impact damage from transportation. 

We do conduct an initial walk-around survey to capture all obvious damages or marks that are visible at the time of survey from 1 metre away.

We consider a certain amount of damage to a vehicle to be fair wear and tear as a result of continued use - Fair Wear & Tear Guide

If your damage is relating to a force majeure event (without limitations - fire, hail, storm etc), please note any damage caused by these events should be referred to your own motor vehicle insurance provider.

Customer Responsibility 

The claim should be submitted within 14 days from the date of delivery.  Claims submitted past this timeframe may not be considered. 

Step 1 - click here to download a claim form – CLAIM FORM

Step 2 – Complete the claim form with as much detail regarding damage under “Damage Description / Comments”. 

Step 3 – Provide 2 photos of each damage – 1 up close + 1 from 1mtr away and also take a photo of the VIN number or registration plate.  It is important that all photos are clear and not blurry and in natural daylight.

Step 4 – Arrange 2x detailed independent quotes for repair.

Step 5 - Once you have all the required information and a completed claim form, please email all documentation to the National Claims Department [email protected]  

PrixCar Responsibility

Step 6 - Once we are in receipt of the above, PrixCar will issue an acknowledgement email within 3 business days of receipt of the new claim. 

Step 7 - PrixCar will investigate the claim and may require the vehicle to be physically inspected by an independent assessor. If so, our office will advise you.   Furthermore, our team will contact you if clarification or additional information is required to assist with the investigation.

Step 8 - Once the investigation of your claim is completed, our team will contact you to confirm if the claim has been accepted or denied.

Allow up to 5 business days for the claim to be investigated and a response sent to you. If circumstances change, please notify PrixCar immediately.

Claim Denied

If the claim is denied, our team will email you with a reason for the denial.

Claim Accepted

Our National Claims team will email you a claim reference number and confirm the amount that has been accepted.  A release & indemnity form may be issued at PrixCar’s discretion for you to sign and return. Claims can be accepted in full or partial acceptances.

Contact Details:

If you require assistance or have questions about the claim process, please email the National Claims Department [email protected] Or phone us on 1300 473 006.

Thank you,
Move My Wheels.