We've teamed up with CarInspect who offers a nationwide group of fully qualified and insured mobile mechanics, trained to deliver an unrivaled level of expertise and experience in pre-purchase car inspections.

Rest assured when purchasing a vehicle sight unseen, CarInspect will carry out an inspection on your behalf and supply a detailed condition report.   Click here to visit CarInspect for further information.


The comprehensive pre-purchase inspection includes:


Thorough inspection checks are done for things such as fluid leaks, unusual running noises, and battery faults. Checks are also done for fault codes in the engine management system.


Upholstery condition, seat belts and air conditioning operation are just some of the things you’ll be receiving in a detailed report.


Carinspect’s accredited mechanics will let you know if there are any loose underbody items. In addition, suspension components and exhaust systems are checked.


Rigorous checks are done for any exterior damage or evidence of panel replacement and repair work.


Carinspect has teamed up with CarHistory to include checks for finance owing, odometer rollback, registration status, written off and repairable write-off history.


Brake function, transmission behaviour and engine performance are just some of the many functions checked during a road test.

Booking a Carinspect pre-purchase inspection is simple and works on a 4 step process:

Step 1

Provide Carinspect with the sellers’ details through a simple online booking form.

Step 2

A Carinspect accredited mechanic will contact the seller directly to arrange an inspection time as soon as possible.

Step 3
The vehicle will be thoroughly inspected at the seller's location. You will receive a personal phone call directly from the mechanic upon the conclusion of the inspection.

Step 4

Once processed, the report is emailed directly to your inbox with a full car history report.

For more details and to read Carinspect’s frequently asked questions, please CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to proceed with booking Carinspect for a comprehensive inspection on a used car you're looking at, please get in touch with them HERE.