Car Transport with Goods Inside

Move My Wheels is listening to its customers and has introduced a Goods in Car policy, providing car transport with goods inside. We offer interstate car transport with your personal items safe and secure. We understand the benefit and convenience this can provide, and we are happy to accommodate by offering this service.

During the car transport quote or booking process, you can select from a range of value add services: Goods in Cars, Enclosed Transport or Guaranteed Premium Transport. Our prices will automatically update as you opt in or out of these valuable services.



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Goods In Car Service
Goods In Car - Ok or Not Ok to transport

To provide this service safely, we have explicit requirements on what is acceptable and will be accepted to travel.

Please refer to our policy document as well as the information below.

Your luggage and personal items must be stored as follows:

  • Items are expected to be neatly packed in suitcases, removalist boxes or closed travel bags.
  • Items will only be transported in the boot of the vehicle, the back section of a wagon or in a ute with a lockable lid.
  • If your vehicle does not have a closed boot, storage is allowed up to the base of the window.
  • All boxes and suitcases cannot exceed 80kg in total. Your driver will confirm this.
  • If items are not loaded properly, as per our requirements, the goods will not be allowed to travel.
  • Please avoid disappointment and prepare your items properly.


  • Due to strict Quarantine rules in WA, this service is not available for movements inbound to WA
  • No heavy machinery or heavy car parts.
  • No perishable food items or plants  
  • No dangerous goods – Including, but not limited to, weapons, firearms, ammunition, flammable liquids, gases, or illegal items. 
  • This service does not allow for goods to be stored in utes at any time.
  • No items are allowed on the back seat, passenger seat or behind the driver's seat. 
  • No windows can be obstructed in any way. 

Important Notes

  1. No legal or other types of responsibility will be taken on any personal items or goods left in the car, regardless of the type of transport booked.
  2. No responsibility will be taken or investigated to any damage caused to the internals of your vehicle if you leave goods inside the car.
  3. Our trucks all go overweight bridges – the weight of the goods in your car must not exceed 80kg
  4. Paperwork for the vehicle (service/logbooks), spare tyre (in its housing), jack or a fixed baby seat are classed as part of the vehicle and not items.
  5. Any items that are travelling with the vehicle will NOT be covered under any transit warranty. All items will travel at your own risk.

How to Avail

Once you click BOOK NOW, the Transport Type Selection provides you with Vehicle options as shown below. Tick the Goods in Car Service box to avail the service. 

Move with the car transport company that has proven expertise, superior experience, infrastructure and the capability to meet your specific needs.

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